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Howsbali is an online media platform that gathers local and national news of Bali and Indonesia in Japanese. We also assembled various articles and topic about Bali and Indonesia as well as useful and informative venue to facilitate information for Japan expatriate and community living in Indonesia, also for Japanese who are enthusiast about what’s happening in Bali, Indonesia.

Our Vision is to share local information for Japanese community through Howsbali Online Media. Published information is intended to be shared among family and friends of our market segment.

A little information about Japanese Market in Bali, according to Tourism Department, Japanese tourist in Bali has reached 2.992.925 in 2015. (January – September 2015, increased 7.63% from 2014). According to Japan consulate in Denpasar, Japanese community that now lives and registered has reached 3000 people and around 4000 people who have not been registered in the consulate yet.

Japanese market is one of interesting segment market. Despite the fact that Australia and China people segment market are more dominating at this point of time, Japan segment market need to be considered.

There are 3 types of Japanese customer that need to be considered:


Now HOWSBALI is inviting venues and establishment to be featured in our website and shared to social media as fresh content towards Japanese Market. We will be blasting information about your venue in Japanese, and do not worry about the language barrier anymore because we are here to translate every concept and the goodness of your venue.

We have come up with interesting packages and offering that will suit your advertising/marketing needs.

Howsbali have several advertising package such as, special page build, article/ review, social media blast, and email blast. (We are now adding this magical 360` view image and video to our advertisement package.)

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Kenny Tjahyadi(日本語、英語)

Carlson Gozali(インドネシア語)

Grandi Yusuf(インドネシア語)

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